Have you heard about the Fed Wave?

Federal Wave is a multi-agency exploration into Google’s new Wave platform. You and your organization are very much invited to participate. Besides the Federal Wave Wiki page, another good place to touch down and discuss things is on Synchronicity.

Although there are plenty of Wave-related documents on Intellipedia today (see the links section below), the best way to describe Wave is as a new collaborative, federated, extensible platform. In essence, Email 2.0.

There are several points of discussion for the Wave platform that allow this project to explore several lines of thinking at the same time. The first is that a vast majority of the code for the platform is being released under the Apache 2.0 license. Exploration of this code base is the basis for the technical exploration component of this project.

The second component to the project involves continuing to work with Google to explore and understand how their own implementation of Wave is going to evolve. The Developer Preview is fairly robust and offers a number of specific components that have not been released as source code yet. Utilizing the existing Wave platform hosted with Google would allow extremely near-term deployment for collaboration with other individuals at the unclassified level.

The third component to the project is a look at the Business Processes behind Wave. Mostly analytical, this is focused on business requirements, test and use cases, ROI and cost recovery, and other Government requirements.

The entirety of this project is currently unfunded and unsponsored, although the core team has been in discussions with a variety of assets from multiple Agencies and Departments. However, like the project that we’re hoping to implement at a Federal level, Federal Wave is focused on establishing some of the best practices out of the Open Source community and eventually combine them with centrally funded initiatives to show that hybrid project management can work and is a fantastic way to encourage expeditious exploration of new technology within the Federal space.

We look forward to your participation in this endeavor – welcome to the Federal Wave!

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Alex George


I am waiting for my Google Wave invite but in the meantime I would like to introduce TFCN members to Fed Wave. TFCN is the largest professional and social network for Government contractors with over 12,000 members.

– Alex


Really interesting to see how this develops. Have been using Google Wave for a bit and it’s pretty cool. Like any technology that’s social its not that useful until more people use it….so excited to see the adoption and how people use.

Scott Bryan

I’ve requested an invitation, but from what little I know about it by simply watching the video’s and listening to how it was implemented I get the feeling its the platform of choice. It seems capable of addressing the issues in Pam Broviak’s comment regarding the ownership and use of content supplied by government staff as well as the security issues of the agencies themselves. It seems to allow the flow of information through government agencies to take place inside web-based documents that are the focus and means by which the work is done, and promises the greatest opportunities to integrate access to and input from the public at appropriate places in that process.

Clay Jefferson

I have plenty of Wave invitations left. If you need one or know someone who would like one, leave a post here with an email address and I will send them one.