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Are you an innovator interested in the application of the OGD in your organization?

That sounds similar to fishing doesn’t it? The waters of the Government are vast. The Federal Wave has created a main wave for collaboration on plan development to happen during the next 120 days; it is nice to know who innovators and those interested in creating are in terms of a shared vision for OGDRead… Read more »

Waving Goodbye to 2009

Next year is going to bring in some incredible leaps in how the work place works, that is, if we make it happen. Nothing is going to make each technology work to it’s fullest except for the individual together with other individuals. FedW hopes to see you in and out of the Waves. Happy HolidaysRead… Read more »

Have you heard about the Fed Wave?

Federal Wave is a multi-agency exploration into Google’s new Wave platform. You and your organization are very much invited to participate. Besides the Federal Wave Wiki page, another good place to touch down and discuss things is on Synchronicity. Although there are plenty of Wave-related documents on Intellipedia today (see the links section below), theRead… Read more »