Hi, here are political law links for Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011

VENTI PUBLICITY FOR STARBUCKS CEO. Politico. “Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz continued his rhetorical war against Washington gridlock Tuesday during a conference call and webcast castigating the White House and Congress for the nation’s deficit and unemployment rate.”

IS THE EDWARDS CASE POLITICAL? That’s the question posed in this report. “Edwards, who ran for president twice and was the Democrats’ vice presidential nominee in 2004, was charged with campaign finance violations, making a false statement and conspiracy relating to an alleged scheme to transfer $925,000-worth of funds, goods and services from two campaign supporters to Rielle Hunter. Edwards secretly had an affair with Hunter and fathered her child.”

SEC AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE. The Post. “The SEC could require disclosure of political spending by public companies and facilitate action by shareholders to sign off on such spending.”

SOLYNDRA BANKRUPTCY UPDATE. Here. “As Solyndra Inc. made its bankruptcy filing official on Tuesday afternoon, Victoria Sanville, a prominent lobbyist who helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars in government money for the California solar company, is on the market for a job.”

TIMES ON AMAZON ANTITAX LOBBYING. Here. “The online behemoth is battling to repeal a state law enacted in July that would force it to do what every brick-and-mortar retailer in California is obligated to do: collect a sales tax of 7.25 percent from its customers.”

WISCONSIN SUPREMES HEAR CASE. Story here. “The state Supreme Court is being asked to decide if a rule written by the Government Accountability Board violates the First Amendment. Justices heard arguments Tuesday in a case brought forward by a number of groups, who argue the rule that requires third party groups running ads that advocate for or against a candidate for elected office to report their funding.” The case is Wisconsin Prosperity Network, et al. v. Gordon Myse, et al.


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