Are You Hindering your Agency’s Growth and Development?

Welcome to another whimsical Wednesday! The sun was shining in Chicago the last couple of days, giving us a taste of the spring season to come. It is my hope this blog keeps your mind away from the winter blues! Spring is around the corner and I believe we need to do some spring cleaning and prepare for a successful and great year of customer service and customer engagements ahead.

No one wants to be that grumpy, unfulfilled person that hinders your agency’s growth and developmentby by not being the most effective and productive person you can be. Tony Little on HSN comes to mind, “You can do it!”

Let’s begin this blog by stating how much a great work ethic fueled by honor can get you through the day, the week, the month and the year. Honor is an earned reputation and is built upon the virtuous work and energy you’ve been expending on your clients and colleagues to get the job done right to the reasonable satisfaction of all. Please, don’t hinder yourself.

Here are the five hindrances of growth and development that hide in plain sight. These hindrances disrupt the investment of agencies, companies and institutions.

1. Poor health: Poor health habits of not eating right or exercising. One can’t produce if they are not at their optimal performance, showing lack of energy, creativity and thought. You will not be able to provide a great customer experience nor engagements if you are not feeling well.

You need all your energy to perform, focus and have vitality to tackle life and career issues.

2. Stress: If you are stressed all the time, you cannot perform well! A great work ethic helps alleviate stress since you are not likely to fall behind. Be proactive and timely, which builds confidence and stamina, in completing your tasks.

You fret less and have less anxiety about upcoming deadlines since you can’t wait to show off your hard work to your superiors and colleagues.

3. Negative attitude: Without healthy outlook, aka positive attitude, you are not performing at your best. It is difficult to have a positive outlook on your life, career and passion with a negative, tenebrous attitude. A few you might have heard is the agency will never change, they (alluding to management) don’t get it. If I get paid every two weeks, I am good.

What risk or engagement tactics have you employed to overcome stagnation? Honoring people with your best customer service and engagement gives you self-esteem and more energy to participate creatively. This can produce enthusiasm with breath of excitement that allows one to reassure and build trust with the agency’s clients and customers. This in turn creates a positive and healthy outlook that reflects highly on the agency and its superiors.

4. Lack of mental focus: If you are not exercising, developing and strengthening your brain, how can you focus on the multiple projects you have been assigned? Exercising and eating properly is a wondrous thing for our physical health. It aides in our mental capacity but we need to exercise our minds by reading books, crossword, puzzles and mathematics to stimulate thought and possibly reduce our exposure to Alzheimer.

Think and grow rich!

5. Lack of synergy: The lack of synergy can draw down a team’s effectiveness by hindering creativity, energy, thought and physical health. It is not easy being in a hostile negative environment. But when an environment becomes empowered by communicating and collaborating, individuals tend to thrive and stop competing and become one agency organization.

In closing, the synergy comes alive and individuals’ health, thoughts and attitudes become better. Stress levels in the environment diminish and the mental alertness from the reduced stress inspires creativity and a better work ethic.

Agency stakeholders, clients and customers become partners in your projects. Sounds idealistic and too simplistic, huh? Think and grow rich with costumer service and engagement, I dare you! When the inevitable change comes, think and grow rich again by adapting and overcoming. Don’t hinder your agency by not being your best (you can do it)!!!

Another blog down and another blog bites the dust.

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Garrett Dunwoody


Thanks for writing this. Attitude has so much to do with your success in the workplace. At the same time it is important to be human and feel comfortable with sharing things that are going on. Nice post!