House passage of Senate jobs bill would end DoT furloughs

About 2,000 Transportation Department employees will remain on furlough unless the House passes the Senate’s version of the job bill without amendment, or if the Senate passes the House version of the 30-day extension of transportation programs bill.

A spokesman for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee says Sen. Jim Bunning’s (R-KY) hold on the 30-day extension, which is a main reason for the furloughs, likely will not matter if the House passes the jobs bill.

“Right now there is some disputes over the transportation extension language in bill, but we have worked it out with Sen. [Harry] Reid and House speaker [Nancy] Pelosi with Rep. [James] Oberstar, and Rep. Oberstar has lifted his objections,” the committee spokesman says.

“Rep. Oberstar has accepted the bill with written assurance from Reid that they will take up some of the concerns later in the session.” Oberstar is the chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Federal News Radio first reported the potential furlough of 2,000 employees on Friday’s Daily Debrief.

As Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller reported earlier on Monday, Transportation has already released some guidance about what furloughed employees should do.

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