How a 2-Minute Story Helps You Lead

A good cultural leader inspires commitment from their members by getting them by rallying around a cause. How do they do this? By crafting a compelling story. Good stories have great lessons and are based on real world experiences. Click the link below to read what it takes to tell a good story.

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Ashley Stewart

Time is crucial to everyone now days and this article highlights the importance of time and how really, every second counts. The six steps to creating a great conversation in less than two minutes is very helpful and we will try it here in our office!

Sam Allgood

Ashley … by highlighting text (or a link) using the link tool in the edit tool bar (immediately to the left of the camera icon), you can make your link clickable … like this

Sam Allgood

Good article with lots of places for application. It reminded me of the need to include personal stories in a talk I’m giving on Thursday.