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Leadership: It’s a Personal Commitment (Part 2)

Leadership “experts” list dozens of characteristics that they say are important for successful leaders. Many lists overlap, but I think they really come from the experiences and observations of the writers. One former senior level political appointee, Linda Springer, recently observed that a common set of successful characteristics private sector – being decisive, directive, andRead… Read more »

Return on Relationships

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATIONIt is a common trap on many IT projects that team members are so focused on ensuring project “success” (typically defined as on-time and on-budget delivery) that team members forget the critical importance of developing and maintaining effective relationships. Ironically, forgoing the relationship building elementsRead… Read more »

Leadership: Are You Really Committed?

This article was originally posted on the Tri Tuns, LLC blog at Please check out this blog or the Tri Tuns website for more articles and other great resources. OBSERVATION “We judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions.” We all know that leadership commitment to a new project, ITRead… Read more »


Many IT projects suffer from a lack of clear understanding of how to best motive desired user behavior. People often use terms like “carrots and sticks”, “ensure compliance”, moving people along the “commitment curve”, and “What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)”, but they typically do not understand the fundamental nature of these terms and theirRead… Read more »