How Bloomberg Achieved 200% ROI on Sustainability

Bloomberg ROIBloomberg has become serious about sustainability. The media company recently released its first comprehensive sustainability report. It’s a gold mine of information for sustainability professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The most eye-catching claim is that for each dollar Bloomberg spent, they saved two. That’s a bold statement, but the chart above shows how this was possible. Not every improvement paid them back twice over. For example, lighting netted them $688,000 in savings on a $1.8 million investment. Bloomberg saw real returns in demand reduction. Their $1.83 million investment reaped $7.7 million in savings, as well as a significant CO2 reduction. Based on these results, it’s no surprise that Bloomberg plans to continue investing in sustainability projects.

Of course, we’ve only been able to share a small portion of the information that is available in their report, which you can find here (PDF).

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Tammie Shipe

Interesting – My agency has sustainability initiatives, but the reports do not look like this!

Thanks for posting.