How Elearning Authoring Tool Makes Online Training Different From Conventional Training

E-learning has been known to be one of the fastest growing means of education in the modern day world. The advances of the technology have granted all the possible sources to make learning interesting and stress free. The discovery of modern devices has brought the tool of e-learning into the hands of many. Since we understand that the technology developed in the current era is aimed at being user friendly and an efficient means of communication. Development of software to address and make learning easy has opened a new chapter in the education process. The advantage that the electronic way of learning along with the flexibility it provides has attracted many to pursue their goals of continuing education even while working.

Here are few basic aspects where the conventional training varies from the online training


The e-learning autoring tool make online training different from the traditional training method basically by virtue of presentation. The traditional method involves the learners to sit and receive the knowledge imparted by the trainers. The e-learning authoring tool on the other hand demands for the learner to get involved in the learning process. It generates a communication and creates an environment where in the learner is connected to demand and give feedback. It signifies training through the transfer of knowledge thus share to the participant. The e- learning tool also makes the individual to actively get involved in the learning program.

Traditional training have always lacked visual technique of imparting knowledge whereas the modern day e-learning tool uses a lot of audio-video technology to impart learning in a creative and interesting way.

Level of Influence on Understanding

E-learning authoring tool makes the learners to develop by self and learn understanding each and every aspect of the training they receive. Hence, they help to make the learner fully involved in the process of learning. The modern tool also involves self assessing tests which are conducted at regular intervals thereby helping in checking the learner’s progress. The traditional program cannot involve such series of tests since it is practically impossible to check the status of each and every individual. This shows that e-learning tool provides a platform which is comfortable to the learner and also provides them flexibility in terms of time.

Individual Attention

The traditional method does not involve a lot of interaction between the trainers and students since the student usually differ in their capacities to grasp knowledge. In comparison the e- learning authoring tool provides a lot of interaction and communication from the students by ways of tests and assignments which need to be submitted In order to complete the program.

A few other disadvantages of traditional training include the drawback of not being able to maintain standard of education and curriculum where as the e- learning tool is a program completely focussed on student learning. It imparts into the students the skills of critical thinking and develops the ability to reason and apply information. This way it provides learning through experience in which traditional training fails.

The traditional program laid more stress on students to pass their tests without understanding whether the students have really gained the knowledge or information about their subject. The modern day e-learning tool on the other hand provides tests regularly to keep the student always learning, understanding and interacting while continuing to impart knowledge.

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Poonam Agarwal

Hi George,

Thanks for the article and brings out the differences quite nicely. I would like to add my two cents as well. Traditional training methods had its own limitations in terms of engaging learners. Also, it was completely dependent on the style of the presenter and each time the learners got a different experience even from the same presenter. In new technology driven elearning, there are some interesting tools like Raptivity, Voki and others which allow a trainer to add interactions in their courses to make them engaging. This way every learner gets an unified experience every time they take the course.

Also, earlier it was quite possible that a trainer is good in games and not in some ice-breaking techniques or quizzes etc. With these tools, it is possible for every trainer to add right kind of interaction at the right place without worrying about programming or style of presentation.