How To Check Out Your Supervisor

What Do You Know About Your Supervisor?

Establishing a positive productive relationship with your supervisor is one of the most important factors in achieving career success. Understanding how your supervisor thinks and works is the key to building a productive partnership. The answers to the following questions may give you insight into how your supervisor operates. (This is an exert from the book Workplace Savvy to be published this year.)

What Do You Know About Your Supervisor?

1. What are your supervisor’s top three work priorities?

2. How does your supervisor prefer to receive information (memos,

formal meetings, phone call, informal meetings, emails, texting, other)?

3. What is your supervisor’s preferred style of working?

____ Very organized and highly structured

____ Moderately organized and structured

____ Little organization or structure

4. Is your supervisor

____ More Introverted (Reflects inward and prefers quiet time for

thinking about things)? OR

____ More Extroverted (Reflects outward and prefers talking about

things with others)?

5. Is your supervisor

____ A big picture person? OR

____ A detail person?

6. Is your supervisor

____ Past oriented

____ Present oriented

____ Future oriented

7. What are your supervisor’s three outstanding strengths?

8. What is your supervisor’s greatest stressor?

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Robert Wallin

Outstanding perspective on “reading” immediate management’s preference style. Please advise how the book Workplace Savvy can be preordered, or when it will go into publication.