How-To: Not Dress – the 4 B’s

Lady Di speaks up!!!

In an earlier blog I discussed the three B’s of dress at work. I stated that organizations did not want employees exposing the three Bs (boobs, belly and butt) at work. While there is no Federal dress code, there are some definite no-nos. Today, I am adding the fourth B which is the back. We don’t want to see your boobs, belly, butt or back at work. Many young women in particular like to expose their back to others at work. Most have tattoos either on the shoulder or at the small of the back (just above the natural waistline). Usually when the small of the back is shown, the top of the panty (commonly a thong) is also showing. There are also some men who wear their pants so low that they expose their underwear or the crack of their butts. Please, please stop it !!! It is just too much to show at work. Just too much information about yourself at work. These looks give the impression that you are unprofessional and that you don’t take your job too seriously. While I cannot tell anyone how to dress at work, I do know what does not work. What do you think?

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