IAP2 USA Launches Monthly Practitioner Calls

A quick advertisement this morning. This is exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping to work on when I signed up to be a member of the Board last year:

Monthly Practitioner Call Kick-Off: December 5, 2011

As part of our 2012 goals around community of practice, we’re launching a monthly practitioner call — the first of several new member programs and services to be rolled out next year.

Practitioner calls are simply phone conferences intended to provide an informal environment for public participation practitioners to come together, ask questions, share experiences and help each other with advice.

For now, calls will be a member-only, though in the future we may decide to open them up to non-members on occasion. From month to month, call attendees will take turns informally moderating the conversation.

Our first call is next week, December 5, at 11am Pacific Time. Details here: Monthly Practitioner Call Kick-Off: December 5, 2011

If you’re already an IAP2 USA member, please join us. If you’re not a member, please consider taking advantage of our Fall membership campaign (special pricing good through January 31, 2012).

We have more exciting things planned for next year. Stay tuned!

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