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If I had the top hat of my organization, my plan of action would be…

For many years, before my public servant days, i was a civilian looking into the government’s operations and hating every darn minute of it! I enjoyed finding flaws in every process level that, when I think about it now, it seems so evil of me.

Today, I am a public servant. And I have enjoyed every minute of it for the last 17 years (or so). I am glad to say with my employment I took into the government a huge, never-ending smile and bubbly character. I was always curious about every aspect of the division’s operations and how each branch connected together in that daily flow of bureaucratic red tape. I learned nearly 80% of my divisions operational standards, which makes my daily work enjoyable and easier! I know how to answer the customers (both the civilians and the fellow public servant), and if I didn’t have the answers, I knew where to find it or who to seek help from. To date, I enjoy seeking help from my fellow public servants and giving them “kudos” for a job well done – even if I already know the answers. LOL. I do this to keep a sense of ‘comrade’ between myself and my colleagues.

But, like all little birdies, I furthered my education, learned more areas of processing in my division and now am looking to jump on the wagon that will lead into the next adventure of my career. As I sat here imagining how it would be to hold a critical position in my department, I started to get cold feet… then, reality kicked in… so I found myself talking to my self..

I said, “self, you want to make $$$$ (money) but what do you have to bring to ‘the table’ and what is your action plan?

Immediately (and rather disturbingly), I answered back, “well, let’s see… If I were to hold the top post of my department, my plan of action would be…” Uh oh, I thought.. no sure plan… not good… so I continued, “I plan to bring to the table, my expertise and knowledge as well as recommendations to create a more positive working environment that ensures more is done for less!”

Geesh, sounds like a political platform… Let me get back to y’all about this… but, let ME ask YOU this question:

If YOU were to take on the top hat of your division or department, what would you do?

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Larry Keys Jr.

Great question Anita!!!

As a new Leader of my Dept., I would do 3 things upon my arrival:

  1. I would have employees take a viewpoint survey to guage the organization, similar to OPM, but specific to my organization(smaller scale). I would use the results to indentify SWOT( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). I would then hold a group discussion with employees on the results of the survey for better understanding.
  2. With the assistance of my employees, I would evaluate and update my organization’s mission statement. I believe this would would send a strong signal that this is a “new day” or “fresh start”.
  3. Finally, Develop a Strategic Plan to set new goals and benchmarks at all levels to ensure we meet our mission.

I think these 3 things get you started in the right direction.

Anita Arile

With so much challenges and threats on personnel, I am still thinking about how to balance costs and efficiency, without disrupting services. In this situation, suddenly everyone’s position is “important”. It would be very interesting to utilize the core players of the organization to develop an action plan that will benefit everyone and still cut costs.

Sounds challenging… that’s why I am still thinking about this… hmmmm 🙂