Integrating your GIS data with AEC design software

Originally posted by Jim Helou at http://www.DLT.com/GIS

My prior posting discussed imagery (either satellite or LIDAR) as a
standalone solution in the AEC world. Today we’re going to dig a bit
deeper into the integration of imagery into some of today’s most
powerful AEC
tools. Once you’ve gone through the time and expense of
identifying an area of interest (AOI), procuring the imagery and
reviewing it for accuracy – why not integrate it into your design
software? The screen shots below provide a nice comparison of a
screenshot with and without imagery. Granted, you’ll want to be able to
turn the imagery on/off based on the task you’re performing – but the
benefits of seeing the terrain, buildings, roads and surrounding areas
are clear.

GIS Data Screenshot Without Imagery

AEC Design Screenshot With Imagery

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