Invitation to Govloop Members : Survey Australian Gov 2.0 Open Declaration

Hi Govloop Colleagues and Friends – I’d like to invite you to take part in our survey on open government. As we ar all active in this space I think doing a survey like this makes sense. Read on.

I posted some thoughts around advocacy on OZloop. Probably because while we are all advocates of Gov 2.0 we all face considerable challenges as not everyone ‘gets Gov 2.0 and social media in general. As you will see from my previous post on Gov 2.0 Advocacy I have been rethinking things a bit.

On the OZloop main page you will see that I’ve posted a survey on the Gov 2.0 Taskforce’s key recommendation of a issuing a declaration on open government. I have put up posts on Govloop, Gov 2.0 Australia and Govloop Canada about the survey.

I am hoping we can all come together as a community on this to send a clear message. So head on over to OZloop – complete your survey, share some thoughts.

Steve D

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