IRS Scandal

Ever since this scandal broke, on or about the 14th of May, I have struggled to see what the beef is, other than some effort by some to gain political traction for their agenda.

The first problem I have: I don’t believe that any organization which engages in political activity should be granted tax exempt status. And I would like to think that the IRS would make every effort to ensure that doesn’t happen. As I understand the situation, during the 2010 political campaign, alot of people were attempting to change the political landscape by replacing the current political players with anti-goverment political players. So the IRS should not see this and make every effort to ensure that the changers don’t get a free ride (tax exempt status), regardless of what happen during previous IRS administrator’s tour of duty!

The second problem: Every agency, at least the ones that I am aware of, engages in group training not only in “technical” aspects but leadership/motivation as well. A significant number of the “training specialists” are NOT Subject Matter Experts (SME’s). And because of a significant number of budget decisions a portion of training specialists are required to rely on contractor support. So we should make a lot of noise (Political grunts and groans) over over an expenditure of some miniscule(relative to agency and government budgets) amount of money?

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