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Starting is Easier Than Stopping

Bob Tiede (@bobtiede) writes on leadership at his website,  On his list of ten questions leaders need to ask themselves, Bob has this nugget about change: “When is the last time I abandoned a program?” Yikes! That is a tough one for us govies. We are skilled at identifying problems and developing solutions, whichRead… Read more »

Why I Didn’t Quit My Job During the Government Shutdown

During the 17-day Federal government shutdown my company, Corner Alliance Inc., had to make some tough decisions. Many of our employees were not able to perform work (read: make money) including myself. I worked the first week of the shutdown on internal Corner Alliance tasks, like our website and a Virtual Participation Best Practices document.Read… Read more »

The Reason Why the Budget Battle Will Go On—And How We Change It

Watching the budget battle play out these past few weeks (perhaps months and years) between Republicans and Democrats can only leave one feeling deep frustration and a sense that things will never truly change. Those emotions are not only accurate they are the clue to the true reason why deficits are soaring and budgets areRead… Read more »