Know the OPTEMPO in your AO: Acronyms Around the Office

I wrote about some of my favorite around the office acronyms for – but I figure the folks in this community could probably teach me a few new ones! I’d love to hear your favorite around-the-office acronyms. Funny anecdotes also appreciated!

Military acronyms – love ‘em or hate ‘em if you work in defense or homeland security, you’re probably pretty familiar with them. Whether you’re in the active duty service or not, military acronyms are a hard habit to break.

While you’ll read a lot of good advice at about how important it is to keep acronyms – even the most common ones – out of your resume, I personally love a good acronym around the office. Acronyms serve their purpose – they save time, help abbreviate notes and are a great way to confuse interns.

Anyone using them probably has a favorite or two, but I wanted to share here a few of the best military acronyms for everyday use…

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