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What is the value of our content? Or ‘show me the money’

I have been pondering what would happen to our digital content if I said to colleagues:

‘what would you do differently if you got a pound for every time your report was downloaded; someone visited the landing page, or said they had followed one of your’ recommendations?

As soon as I have said this to a couple of colleagues they have said ‘ooh that’s a nice idea’ though I am not sure if they are referring to the money or the principle itself?

However it does raise an interesting question – what would we do differently?

Start thinking about goals and objectives; create calls to action, monitor results etc?

If that is the case why don’t we do it now? Can we? When do we start?

So my follow up thought was – well what actually is the value of our content and if we could work it out could we put a value on each download or visit to a landing page?

I need to have a think about this but I have a feeling I can do something along the lines of:

A) Cost of producting a report

B) Divided by:

number of downloads

number of page views

mentions on social media e.g. Twitter

C) Gives an ROI of X

So does this mean we could create goals in Google Analytics and then give them a value?

I am thinking aloud here but that’s an interesting thought?

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