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New Forms of KM

I have a set of links to what I call new forms of Knowledge Management, available via a “web tour”, starting at: (NOTE: Just use the arrow keys at the top of the page to move from link to link.) Some of the links are technologies, some approaches to managing KM, etc. I alsoRead… Read more »

Knowledge Management In the Government

If you have not seen (or listened to the accompanying podcast) to the article, An Update on Knowledge Management in the Federal Government you should take an opportunity to do so. Some key findings from their yearly survey of KM in the federal government: A maturing of knowledge management throughout federal agencies is occurring. OnRead… Read more »

Intelligent systems continue to make progress

Long one of my main prognostications has been the concept that intelligent systems will continue to make significant progress in taking over jobs that heretofore humans have performed. The latest indication is this article, Semiconductor Tech Diagnoses Eye Disease Over the Internet. In this article, several key points are made, namely: * Eye problems associatedRead… Read more »

Emerging Technology Conference at MIT

For several years, while at the National Defense University, I was able to attend the Emerging Technology Conferences at MIT. I always found extremely interesting presentations and demonstrations at the conference. Although I am no longer able to attend “live”, fortunately the conference presentations are now available streamed via the www. At this link, EMRead… Read more »

The Digital Company 2013: Freedom to Collaborate

An excellent free report, The digital company The Digital Company 2013: Freedom to Collaborate is now available. Based on a global survey of over 600 senior executives, as well as several in-depth interviews with business leaders and independent technology experts, this report draws several important conclusions: 1) Technology ignorance will (almost) be a thing ofRead… Read more »