Let’s Prepare Together

Disasters can hit anyone at anytime and anywhere with little to no warning. They don’t discriminate by age, race, color or religion. Mother Nature has a one track mind when she decides to head your way.

Depending on the disaster, you may have days to prepare or no warning at all. Although we can’t possibly predict what could be heading our way, we can try and be as prepared as possible.

Let’s get started and get prepared together.


  1. Make a contact card for every member of the family and keep it in your wallet or backpacks.
  2. Program family members numbers in cell phones as ICE ( In Case of Emergency )
  3. Make sure all members of the family know how to text.
  5. Draw out a floor plan and mark 2 escape routes and post on all doors.
  6. Take pictures of all important documents and belonging and save on flash drive to keep with you


  1. Store 1 gallon of water per person per day for a minimum of 3 days.
  2. The following food supplies are recommended
    1. Battery powered or hand cranked radio and NOAA weather radio
    2. Flashlights and plenty of batteries
    3. First aid kit
    4. Whistle to signal for help
    5. Dusk mask to filter out contamination
    6. Moist towels
    7. Trash bags with ties
    8. Wrench and pliers
    9. Phone chargers
    10. Prescriptions and glasses
    11. Canned good
    12. Pet supplies
    13. Diapers and infant food
    14. Sleeping bag for each person

It’s advised to change out supplies every 6 months and dates on the items as to when it was last rotated.

You can also find additional information at WWW.FEMA.GOV.

What do you do to stay prepared?

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