Let’s Shovel Out Our Neighbors in Need

If you are like me, and you live in between VA and NJ, you are looking forward to the predicted 8 inches of snow. For our neighbors who are older, injured or have an access or functional need, snowstorms can cause a great deal of anxiety and pose a threat to their well-being.

Often, those who need help shoveling do not know anyone who can help. Given today’s storm, I invite you to join me shoveling out neighbors in need. You can find out who needs help, or request assistance, by becoming a “Snowcrew Yeti” by signing up for SnowCrew.org powered by SeeClickFix.

I also encourage those of you who are members of Nextdoor.com, the free and private social network for neighborhoods, to let your neighbors know you are willing to shovel them out. If you are not yet on Nextdoor, I recommend you join! (Disclosure – I work for Nextdoor).

Please also consider taking a couple minutes to think about who in your neighborhood might appreciate a hand. For those you can think of, go knock on their doors and let them know you are willing to help dig them out. Additionally, If you notice a sidewalk, walkway, or driveway covered in snow, it may be a sign that someone needs help.

During a storm in January, I dug out a neighbor who was stuck inside her home for 6 days. The snow had melted on the other side of street, but her home did not get a lot of sun and the 2 inches of snow an ice keep her from being able to leaver her home. It turns our she needs help again for today’s storm.

Let’s make sure that future snowstorms do not trap any of our neighbors in their homes. After you dig yourself out, please consider lending a hand to a neighbor in need so they too can get to work, to doctors appointments, to the store and pharmacy.

Stay warm and thank you for being kind to your neighbors!


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Patrick Fiorenza

Loved this. Super important up here in Syracuse, and a good way to grow community through positive interactions. Thanks for the post!