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Lobby fees in SC, Holman on FEC, Alaska guilty plea and more political law links today

HOLMAN ON THE FEC. In Roll Call. “After April, all but one of the six commissioners on the Federal Election Commission will be sitting with expired terms. Half the commission had their terms expire two years ago.”

SUNLIGHT FOUNDATION EVENT ON LOBBYING REFORMS. I enjoyed listening to yesterday’s lobbying reform event on the Hill with Dan Eggen, Sheila Krumholz, Daniel Schuman, Lisa Rosenberg, Paul Miller, and Tom Susman. Some of my photos are available here. The panel covered a lot of interesting ground; at the end of the panel a member of Rep. Quigley’s staff announced that a bill might be introduced reflecting a number of reform proposals. As an aside, at one point, the lobbyist sitting next to me vocalized his objection to using FARA disclosure as a model for lobbying disclosure, as raised as a possibility by Post reporter Dan Eggen. CSPAN recorded the event so head over there to watch the panel.

CLICK TO WIN. The roll of online ad technology is the topic of this Roll Call report.

RETHINK THE BAN? The earmark ban, that is. Roll Call.

RAISING BUT NOT RUNNING. Retiring officeholders’ fundraising is the topic of this report. “’I’m not supporting this stuff,’ said one high-profile lobbyist who has been solicited by the retirees. ‘People are stunned. It just doesn’t seem quite right.’”

WATERS PROBE IN THE NEWS. The Post has an update on what happened in the Waters matter. “The Republican chairman of the House Ethics Committee has accused his Democratic predecessor of violating House rules and acting without cause in forcing two staff lawyers to take paid leave amid a contentious committee probe of alleged misconduct by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) last year.”

ALASKA LAWMAKERS PLEADS. The Post has a report from Alaska here. “A former Alaska lawmaker pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemeanor state count of letting unregistered lobbyists peddle their ideas to him.”

GEORGIA HOUSE AND SENATE. News on who’s a lobbyist from Georgia here. “Changes to House Bill 232 add new language so that a person would have to spend more than $1,000 before registering as a state lobbyist. People would also be excluded from registering unless they spend 10 percent or more of their work time lobbying.”

LOBBYIST FEE IN SC. Story here. “The House on Monday agreed to raise the lobbyist fee to $200 and bar State Ethics Commission staff from giving personal opinions on issues that may become ethics cases.”


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