Logistics: ‘Memoir:: Cold War Planning: Morocco 1952:

‘Title: Cold War Planning: Morocco 1952:

Following excerpt is from my blog ‘Memoir: Cold War Planning: Morocco 1952:

‘From 1952 to 1956 I was a U. S. Air Force civilian employee at Nouasseur Air Base about 20 miles south of Casablanca in what was then French Morocco. My job was in the Logistics Plans Office of what was intended to be the ‘Nouasseur Air Depot.’

The Air Depot was being constructed and staffed to serve as one of three major USAF-NATO logistics centers in the European-Med-North African-Middle East Theater in the event of a war with the USSR. The three depots would have a primary geographic area wherein each would accomplish acquisition and distribution of supplies, service, maintain and repair aircraft and equipment, and conduct USA Military Assistance Programs (MAP) for specified countries and other specified entities.’
‘As a Logistics Planner at Nouasseur, one of my projects was to draft an annex to U S Air Force Europe (USAFE) logistics plans to support the U S Strategic Air Command (SAC). The plan would organize, staff, equip, commit, test and evaluate transport, and (when directed) activate and deploy mobile maintenance teams consisting of U S civil service volunteer technicians to certain locations where they would provide on-site urgent-immediate repairs and services to combat or otherwise disabled USA-NATO aircraft compelled by nature-of-damage/combat to land in the course of return from missions.’

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