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Looking for Human Resources Practitioners to Connect on GovLoop and LinkedIn for future research….

I will be starting my PhD in Education this fall, with my discipline focusing on (Ok here goes, its long!) – Occupational Studies and Technology with a Focus on Training & Development in Human Resources. I’m going to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.

I’m very excited about this third degree (I also have Bachelor’s in Fine Art, Graphics Advertising & Illustration from Radford University, VA and a Masters Degree in Adult Education, Training & Development in HR from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

Since I have been in the HR field for 18+ years and the defense industry for over eight years, I am tenuously exploring focusing my dissertation on what special and additional knowledge is needed for a Human Resources practitioner when they enter the federal government or federal defense industry.

I have seen in my own HR career many graduates with fresh of the press diplomas for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Human Resources eagerly start a new job at a defense contractor. But, not only do they not have a grasp of HR in general, but they are lost when it comes to why or why nots in the defense industry, special and unique situations that would never be encountered in your non-defense industries.

My goal is to create a curriculum to enhance general HR practice which colleges and universities may offer as an add-on to provide the details and understanding for a HR practitioner to dive right into the government or defense world.

So – I am appealing to all those HR practitioners out there in the real world who have experience in the defense industry to send me an invite to connect not only here on GOVLOOP but also on LinkedIn.

I am hoping to build a large enough, and willing enough, specific target market so that when it comes time for me to conduct my research in qualitative and quantitative statistics to find out what I need to find out and then prove to later build my curriculum for my dissertation.

I promise no spamming, I do accept all invitations (to any social network), and I hope our collaborative effort would be of mutual gain!

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Martha L. Ayerdis, MBA

Woow Dawn. Your statement sound very interesting! I am available to collaborate with you. I had been working in HR for twenty years. I can say my experience include the government, private and non-profit sector. It is a pleasure to share with you ideas and my experience. Have a great day!