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Awesome Fed Channels on YouTube

Back in March 2009, GSA signed an agreement with YouTube which would allow government agencies to post content to this site in compliance with federal terms and conditions. By 2012, every major federal agency had a YouTube channel, and some were even featuring content specifically created for the platform. Compared to the other platforms I’veRead… Read more »

Livestreaming Council Meetings on YouTube

Broadcasting meetings to residents live on the Internet needn’t cost the earth, as Monmouthshire County Council has demonstrated in recent weeks. The council has bypassed expensive monthly fees from livestreaming services by directly streaming meetings, from the council chamber in Usk, UK,  to YouTube.Joanna Goodwin, my colleague and friend from my time at Monmouthshire, worksRead… Read more »

Maximizing Social Media: #3 New Year’s Resolution for Uncle Sam

Where’s all the love between social media and gov? If this relationship were a romance Uncle Sam would still be stuck on the first date. While many government agencies made much needed progress in leveraging social media more effectively in 2013, there’s still a lot of work ahead – especially for small and mid-sized agencies.Read… Read more »

Social Security Administration cat videos for YouTube featuring SSA website redesign

The following cat videos were posted on the official Social Security Youtube page as well as placed Skip Ads on Youtube to encourage retiring online through our new website. The SSA website redesign is seen in the video as well. All cats and voice over talent were volunteer in an effort to save money. FromRead… Read more »

City of Houston Produces Video About Surviving a Workplace Shooter

Last week, the City of Houston’s Office of Public Safety, with grants from the Department of Homeland Security, posted a video called RUN. HIDE. FIGHT: Surviving an Active Shooter Event as part of their Ready Houstoninitiative. It’s a professionally done, six minute instructional video about what to do if someone were to open fire atRead… Read more »

How to Sharpen Your Job Search

Been hunting for a new job for awhile? Or thinking of starting a job search? Summer is a great time to ‘sharpen your saw’to quote an old proverb. Too many people just update an old resume, tell all their friends that they need a new job, and look at ads online. Not the best methods!Read… Read more »

Social Networks: If You Build It, Will they Come?

By: Grant Asplund Originally posted on Federal Blue Print In an age where technology is changing in the blink of an eye, there is one thing we know for certain: social media applications and networks are here to stay. While old technologies such as voice and instant messenger persist, more and more agencies are integratingRead… Read more »

Government Innovation YouTube Channels

This video highlights some favorite YouTube channels focused on government innovation. “GovGirl” Kristy from covers Gov2 TV hosted by Walter Schwabe, GovFreshTV by Luke Fretwell, AshInstitute by the Harvard Kennedy School and the GovInnovator channel by Andy Feldman. Videos posted on these channels are helpful for both government employees and citizens! Watch Kristy’s video:Read… Read more »

Kudos to Google and YouTube! Financial Help for Nonprofits and Associations

Http://LeonardSipes.Com (PR and social media for government, associations and nonprofits) I wrote an article describing assistance from Google regarding assistance to nonprofits, see Now, YouTube (owned by Google) is offering an array of incentives to encourage nonprofits to take advantage of its services. One of the challenges of working with nonprofits and associations is gettingRead… Read more »