Vienna, Virginia-December 20th, 2011– MicroLink, a HP, Autonomy Company and an award-winning partner of Microsoft, announces the addition of its Government Records Assessment & Strategic Planning (GRASP) offering to its Information Governance services.

GRASP was developed by MicroLink as a response to President Obama’s records management initiative for all federal agencies in 120 days to submit a detailed report and plan for improving its records management programs. GRASP is an organization-wide assessment of an agency’s processes, policies and procedures, hardware and software considerations, staffing, and other strategic areas related to information governance. Once the full assessment is complete, agencies that rely heavily on accurate records will:

  • Know the overall state of their policies and procedures related to information governance
  • Understand what they need to do to comply with federal regulations and the GARP Maturity Model
  • Own a market proven approach customized, prioritized plan for implementing the program
  • Possess a measurable baseline and metrics to monitor progress and ROI

ARMA International’s GARP® maturity model standardizes records management processes. It is based on eight principles that help organizations manage records according to their business practices and the best application of information technology. Applied successfully, organizations will have a clear set of policies and procedures that reduces risk from inadequate compliance and controls, loss of intellectual assets and costly regulatory and legal sanctions.

MicroLink’s Government Records Assessment & Strategic Planning (GRASP) offering will assist federal agencies to meet the Presidential records management mandate.

About MicroLink

MicroLink has a history of providing reliable, high quality, customer-driven solutions that focus on improving productivity, collaboration, and teamwork throughout our customers’ enterprises. MicroLink’s solutions are built around Information Discovery, Records Management, eDiscovery, Portals and Collaboration, Business Intelligence and Business Process Automation. MicroLink’s expertise is integrating leading technologies, developing repeatable business solutions that leverage our customers’ existing technology, achieving improved knowledge worker productivity, and increasing collaboration and business process improvement. The company’s website is www.MicroLinkLLc.com.

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