My 2013 Gov20 New Year’s Resolutions

Last year, Imade some resolutions. I even made them rhyme: Generate, Discriminate, Donate. How’d I do? Well, I did indeed generate: longer pieces, shorter pieces, tweets, presentations. The whole shebang, as my grandfather might have said. And I did discriminate, though less successfully. In the heat of a hot election, I read more empty prognostication than was probably good for me at times. And did I donate? For the first time, I became involved in local civic activity. It’s not for the weak of heart or stomach, I can tell you that!

And looking ahead, these are what I want to work on this year:

Start the day right: When anyone tells me that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” I like to accuse them of being in the pocket of Big Breakfast. But there’s truth to it, I suppose, and how much better would it be if we didn’t eat that breakfast alone? So I’m going to try something new: Once a week, I’m going to sit down and talk about technology, innovation, social media, and any other facet of Gov 2.0 over breakfast and coffee. Feel free to join me – consider this your open invitation. I’ll also try to invite myself to as many offices that’ll have me (if you want to talk turkey over coffee and egg-and-cheese sandwiches, let me know!).

Use my phone: A few years ago (2010? 2011?) I read an article saying that people would abandon the Web in favor of Apps. Ha ha ha. But Apps are still important, and growing more so every day. This year, not only will I deepen my knowledge of the apps that I think will help me most (both at work and in my personal life) but I hereby resolve to write my very own app.

Read more: This is something that crosses the work/personal line (if there even is such a line to cross). I hereby resolve to include at least one longform article in my weekly roundup. I reserve the right to link to an audio recording of it that I listened to while I was on the treadmill. That’s another resolution, but that’s pretty clearly on the other side of the work/personal line!

Happy 2013, everyone, and let me know what your resolutions are. . .

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Awesome – what kind of app? Lots of solutions to leverage from codeacademy to learn yourself to freelancers at elance/odesk/

Andrew Krzmarzick

I like #3. Two ways I’m doing that: 1) have a prioritized list and try to stick to one book at a time to completion (vs. reading 12 at once and not making much demonstrable progress on any of them!) and 2) listening to a lot more (like you said i.e. treadmill) while doing the dishes, folding the laundry, walking/traveling in the car, etc.