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Startup Culture Has a Place in Government

Although both sides may be loath to admit it, large government agencies and big corporations share many of the same organizational characteristics. Both generally have sizeable human capital requirements. Both are governed by bureaucratic rules and procedures. And both have been delivering their services, in one form or another, for a long time. Of course,Read… Read more »

GOV 2.0 Gift Guide: Rest & Reflection for 2013

This holiday season you may be traveling far and wide in search of some R&R before the coming year, you might be reconnecting with family, you may be working yourself to the bone as 2014 too quickly approaches, or perhaps headed to one last holiday fiesta. What I often find during the holiday season, betweenRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 at SxSW 2014

The argument has been made that South by Southwest has outlived its usefulness as a technology and culture festival. Yet the annual gathering, often called “South-by” and spelled SxSW, continues to attract tens of thousands of participants and a docket of speakers that should inspire anyone interested in technology’s impact on nearly any facet ofRead… Read more »

Our Future Workforce – Enabled by Today’s Technology

The FOSE convention was held this month, and I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on the future of the workforce—specifically how technology is changing the work environment and will enable people to succeed within it. There were four technologies that I saw as coalescing to transform the workplace: Mobility, meaning both the end-devicesRead… Read more »

What Are The Gov 2.0 Biggest Challenges? DorobekINSIDER Live Experts Share Insight

Yesterday, a special edition of GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER took place with experts discussing the current status of Gov 2.0. Questions were asked of the panel experts about the current challenges to Gov 2.0 from the local level all the way up to the federal government. Dan Mintz, the former CIO at the Department of Transportation, sharedRead… Read more »

My 2013 Gov20 New Year’s Resolutions

Last year, Imade some resolutions. I even made them rhyme: Generate, Discriminate, Donate. How’d I do? Well, I did indeed generate: longer pieces, shorter pieces, tweets, presentations. The whole shebang, as my grandfather might have said. And I did discriminate, though less successfully. In the heat of a hot election, I read more empty prognosticationRead… Read more »

What Does the Digital Government Strategy Mean for the Future of Gov 2.0?

Twenty-one months ago, I outlined four scenarios for the future of Gov 2.0. Here is a brief recap: SteamGov – The Federal government still uses large, centralized IT architectures and the average Federal worker’s work technology is less capable than the worker’s personal technology. Google.Gov – The Federal government is greatly reduced in size whileRead… Read more »

What may a 2.0 organisation look like?

As the world changes, so must our institutions – particularly government, including government agencies. Without getting into how hard or easy it is for government agencies to change (recognising there’s a diversity of views), any change should, necessarily be for the better. So how should they change? In which ways should they reinvent themselves toRead… Read more »

Publishing Government Data That Developers Will Actually Use

Despite increasing public support (as well as a number of executive mandates) publishing public data in a machine-readable format is not as simple as pressing the “publish” button. Why? Equally important as exposing the information itself is fostering a vibrant developer ecosystem around it. By making the publishing agency, not the public, responsible for makingRead… Read more »