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How to Achieve an Awesome 2016 Career Resolution

Over the holidays, it’s easy to lose enthusiasm for your career. You’ve probably taken some quality time away from the office and you spent most of December juggling work with holiday and family obligations. As you move into the new year, though, you’ll want to get back on track. So as you set your resolutionsRead… Read more »

My 2013 Gov20 New Year’s Resolutions

Last year, Imade some resolutions. I even made them rhyme: Generate, Discriminate, Donate. How’d I do? Well, I did indeed generate: longer pieces, shorter pieces, tweets, presentations. The whole shebang, as my grandfather might have said. And I did discriminate, though less successfully. In the heat of a hot election, I read more empty prognosticationRead… Read more »

My Gov20 New Year’s Resolutions: Generate, Discriminate, Donate

I’m a sunrise kind of person. A morning person. An Aries. I’m an INTP: every day, for me, is a new construction site, and yesterday’s blueprints are, at best, guidelines for today’s crew. That’s why I love New Years’ celebrations, and why I always try to make attainable, ambitious resolutions. With regards to work, andRead… Read more »

New Year Resolutions

So what do you think about making resolutions at the beginning of a new year? Do you find them helpful or not? How have you done in the past in keeping them? I’ve never been big on them, though I do often take the occasion to reflect on the year just passed and what IRead… Read more »