My favourite Gov2 Resource & Inspiration

I’ve recently been lucky enough to become part of a group of fellow Canadians, who, inspired by the works of giants like Steve Ressler, Chris Rasmussen, Nick Charney and David Eaves decided that we wanted a space of our own to play in. Canadians tend to get lots in the larger space, which is why a group of us decided to create After a few months, and a friendly request from Steve Ressler to come back to the fold, we’re back in, with purpose.

I’ve recently asked the (or GovLoopNorth, or whatever we’ll call ourselves) team to post the story, quote, talk, Prezi, or what have you, that inspires, informs, or they just like the most. I’ve decided to share my own here – Rory Sutherland’s Famous “Life Lessons from an Ad man” TED Talk.

At first, the question you may ask yourself is “why would this admittedly entertaining talk be so important to gov2?”

My belief if that Sutherland has whimsically hit upon the most important tool and indeed the largest challenge that faces gov2; recreating the perception of value in those we serve. We’ve lost the faith of the public, each other, and importantly, ourselves. What Sutherland shows us, is by re-humanizing our product, in this case both the services we offer citizens and ourselves as public servants, we can create something to aspire to and to inspire with – hope, belief in what we do, and renewed, living services for all.

That’s something that I believe is important enough to call my most vital resource.

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Bowen Moran

Thanks for the embedded slide share Steve! I’d love to see the entire presentation with audio some day. Those slides make some rather important points about how we can evolve services in ways that we are as of yet dreaming about.

Pam Broviak

Thanks for posting that Bowen – that guy had a lot of good quotes in his talk! I will probably use them in some presentations on Gov 2.0.