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Playing with my identity….

Tagxedo is one of the free web tools I use rather frequently. I’ve employed it to create a portrait of compliments for a much beloved team member who was heading back to her homeland after her visa expired, to create front pieces to briefing materials that present the crux of the materials in a snap,Read… Read more »

Wanna see Gov Camp in Ottawa Live?

I know I do. I couldn’t travel to the conference, so the webcast is the next best step for me. The Fused Logic Team is doing the casting, which is pretty darn sweet. I’ve seen their work before, and I’m willing to come into work extra early to catch the broadcast. For French Translation, pleaseRead… Read more »

How-To: Conference Tweets – So, you’ve just finished a conference, and don’t want to lose all those Tweets….

This weekend I attended the rather fantastic Open City Workshop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If you don’t know much about what’s happening in Edmonton, you should probably check out Adriel Hampton’s recent post on the critical mass for awesomeness that’s happening there. There’s a innovative team at work in Edmonton which is a great modelRead… Read more »