NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament – Round 1 is done…

… and you can only home to contain Ali Farokhmanesh!!!

Here’s the vid of his game winning shot.

And for your victory, Northern Iowa, you take on Kansas smh (definition #1).

Full disclosure: Northern Iowa’s head coach, Ben Jacobson, is from my home town of Mayville, ND and we went to high school together. So the Hokie Guru is complete homer for Jacobson, even though it would wreak havoc on his bracket.

And that’s why we love March Madness… because of Northern Iowa, Murray State, and Cornell (and Dick Vitale picked Temple SMH)… and the Hokie Guru told you about those potential upsets, so if you’re not on Govloop (or your friends aren’t on Govloop), you just aren’t on the Internet. And don’t sleep on the Ivy League… Cornell over Wisconsin on Sunday… the Hokie Guru picked the upset lol.

Big East = Fail. None of us saw this coming… the Hokie Guru had several Big East teams advancing like you all did (Notre Dame, Marquette, Louisville, and Georgetown all going down)… the Hokie Guru did not drink the entire pitcher of Kool-Aid on Georgetown (maybe just a glass smh), though, and only had them in the Sweet 16 lol. Gonazaga could be a very tough matchup for Syracuse… wouldn’t surprise the Hokie Guru to see a St. Mary’s upset. vs. Villanova on Sunday, but the Wildcats got a wakeup call vs. Robert Morris… so that likely will not happen.

The Big 10 is clearly the class of the tournament.

Richmond, thank you for the being the most overhyped team going into the NCAA tournament SMH SMH SMH (you are now an expert on the use of this acronym)!!!!!

Armon Bassett, Ohio guard, said it best… the other team might be better (more athletic, more talented, etc), but your team just has to be better on that one night. And that’s the magic of March.

Okay… so we’re down to 32 teams… and Round 2 begins today… here’s a status on the Govloop bracket challenge (including the updated standings):

Diplogeek is #1; Ed (Govloop Entry) is #67… but the good thing is you all win prizes.

The short of it is, if you didn’t pick Georgetown (SMH), you still have a chance to win lol.

Let Round 2 begin!!!

Before the Hokie Guru goes, he’ll share his new favorite Bill Raftery (CBS) quote… Bill Raftery on Da’Sean Butler: “And dinner is served by Da’ Butler!!!” lol.

Have a great weekend folks… the Hokie Guru will check in on Sunday night…

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