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2011 NCAA Men’s LAX Tournament Bracket Projection from the Hokie Guru, Your Bureaucrat on Sports!!

Good morning!! Hey Govies 🙂 Good day from the @HokieGuru. Hope all is well in your world. Daily Awesome Update (yes, I’m stealing from @govloop… so what haha): The Department of Justice is looking into Bowl Championship Series anti-trust claims. Some think they are barking up the wrong tree. 2011 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament BracketRead… Read more »

NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament – Round 1 is done…

… and you can only home to contain Ali Farokhmanesh!!! Here’s the vid of his game winning shot. And for your victory, Northern Iowa, you take on Kansas smh (definition #1). Full disclosure: Northern Iowa’s head coach, Ben Jacobson, is from my home town of Mayville, ND and we went to high school together. SoRead… Read more »

The Enigma of an Upset – Siena College

Let’s get right to it… we love upsets… that’s why we watch March Madness… everyone loves to pull for the little guy… it’s why the Hokie Guru loves the Men’s NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament more than the Bowl Championship Series… seriously?!?!? Could tiny little Siena College, a college with 3000 stuents, even play inRead… Read more »