We Need Your Gifts Now

Welcome to this wholesome Wednesday!

I hope you are full of enthusiasm welcoming wondrous works (W.O.W) this day. We need your gifts now! This week, I want to divert a little from having honor and engaging customers to having a wonderful experience with you as well as promoting a great work ethic to do good, despite the cost associated with a moral character.

We cannot be as productive and effective as we would like to be without the proper motivation to do good. Everyone’s opinion of good is different but realize there is a hidden cost to doing good that is enumerated below:

1. Isolation: People will steer clear of you due to your excitement and positive outlook. Some will attempt to thwart your achievements and band together to keep you from displaying your dynamic gifts, talent, excitement and abilities to make you comply with mediocrities. This tactic is always used throughout the ages to diminish your vision to bring greatness through love, innovation and inspirational triumph.

Your gifting results can be delayed but not denied if you continue to persevere. Please use this isolation to strengthen your core beliefs and refine your vision as well as the mental image you have of yourself.

2. Doubt: Individuals and groups will cause you to doubt the incredible gifts and talent inside you. No one has your perspective, vision or talent but you! Use it wisely and remember how the world relied upon the horse and buggy as the norm instead of the automobiles we drive today such as the Volvo, Honda, Toyota and Buick.

What if the people who created and inspired automobile makers listened to the crowd and doubted themselves because of the cost of doing good? We would not have the auto shows and car services that produce a lot of jobs and businesses that rely on this profitable industry. Please remove your doubt and bring to past that vision, industry, service and innovation that is within you!

3. Being misunderstood: Everyone is misunderstood at some point in their life. Recall your teenage years. Some people cannot understand nor comprehend the gift that you are endowed to bring to life in this world as it is now. Please don’t wait for the right or most opportune time, the right place or the right season. People for generations to come are relying on you and those chosen to help you for the next industry, the next innovation and the next service you and your team produce for your livelihood.

Just think what it took the inventors of the iPhone, iPad and personal computers (PC). Those were just visions in someone’s head until they materialized.

4. Building resolve: The individuals who produced the automobiles, the iPad, the iPhone and the PC would not be deterred from their gifts despite being misunderstood, isolated and doubtful. They made a decision to build themselves up with a resilient spirit of tenacity. Their dreams are here now because of their faith in the possibility their dreams would be realized. Those dreams are now fueling the next generation of dreamers, producers of innovation and creators of new services being improved, refined and honed for the next generation.

In summary, you the readers of this blog are a gift to us wrapped like a Christmas present. We cannot see nor comprehend what gift is inside but waiting with great expectation for the day we can discover and unwrap the marvel of your accomplishment.

Please remember there is a cost of doing good that will challenge you, that will strengthen you, that will hurt you and that will leave you longing for understanding and peace. Please don’t despair because of the gifts and talents that lie within you. They will strengthen and enable you to overcome these momentary trials. Then, you will have a testimony and inspire others to preserve and fulfill their promises, gifts and dreams while doing good that will endure the test of time.

Let’s grow and be strong together to accomplish our purpose here on this earth now and in the time to come. Thank you for reading.

Please watch this inspirational video from Les Brown: Your Dream is Necessary

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