New Jersey goes after business in Illinois

Yesterday, New Jersey launched a print and audio campaign designed to attract business from other states and its first target was the state of Illinois. The campaign, which attacks Illinois 67% increase in income tax rates and 46% increase in corporate tax rates is calling on the business community there to relocate. The ads include a promise from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that his administration will not raise taxes and that the state is aggressively pursing economic growth.

The campaign is set to begin this week in some of Illinois biggest markets including Chicago and Springfield, with print ads in most local newspapers and audio ads on radio and television. The action follows an earlier letter writing campaign initiated by Lt. Governor Guadagno which sent appeals to relocate to several Fortune 500 companies and larger businesses with their headquartered in Illinois.

“In New Jersey, we mean business. We’ve said ‘enough is enough’ and made the tough choices to cut spending. By providing a positive, pro-growth climate we are making it easier for businesses to Choose New Jersey and welcoming jobs and economic growth for our residents with open arms,” said Governor Chris Christie.

The audio ad includes a number to the New Jersey Business Action Center which is set up to work with businesses interested in relocating. The full text of the audio is below.

“ANNOUNCER: Have you had enough of Illinois’ outrageous tax increases that stifle businesses and cost jobs?

“GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE: Hi, I’m Chris Christie, Governor of the State of New Jersey. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Move my business to New Jersey? Really?’ Really. My administration has worked hard to change the direction of our business climate, plus our state has many advantages. We have an incredible talent pool to drive your business… Innovative financing, incentive and assistance programs…And an exceptional quality of life for the people who live and work here. Oh, and one more thing. As long as I’m Governor, I will not raise your taxes. I am proud of the new direction we’ve brought to New Jersey: lower taxes, reduced government spending and less regulation: a better home for business-today and in the future. Don’t let Illinois balance its budget on the back of your business. Choose New Jersey – we mean business.

“ANNOUNCER: Call the New Jersey Business Action Center at 1-866-534-7789. That’s 1-866-534-7789.”

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