New Twitter interface not working for agencies using Internet Explorer 7 or 8?

It appears that in addition to breaking background images (as I wrote about earlier) the “new Twitter” interface may not be working at all for some agencies which rely on Internet Explorer versions 7 or 8.

The State Department’s Noel Dickover tweeted about the issue a couple of days ago, and a quick Google search for “new Twitter problem IE8” turns up some related discussions. It appears that Twitter VP (and former State Department employee) Katie Stanton and Twitter’s new government liaison Adam Sharp are working with their technical teams to attempt to get the issue resolved.

See the full post over at blog.GovTwit.com for more.

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Sonny Hashmi

ive heard that it is related to either the new twitter certificate not being FIPS compliant, or something to do with the way internet explorer settings are set up for cookies, etc. Other browsers seem to work fine for those who are allowed to use alternate browsers.