NextGen will lead to more effective government

In 1992 when some of you NextGen attendees were small, a report came out on applying entrepreneurial principles to make government more effective. Authors David Osborne and Ted Gaebler described why performance measures are important:

• What gets measured gets done.

• If you can’t measure results, you can’t tell success from


• If you can’t see success, you can’t reward it.

• If you can’t reward success, you’re probably rewarding


• If you can’t see success, you can’t learn from it.

• If you can’t recognize failure, you can’t correct it.

• If you can demonstrate results, you can win public support.

You can find out more about measuring performance at the NextGen conference this week and, regularly, in The Public Manager.

The American Clean Skies Foundation recalls the report in its soon-to-be-released Oil Shift: The Case for Switching Federal Transportation Spending to Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Get a briefing paper via Next Gen.

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