No talk, all action: Startup Weekend e-Government and building tech solutions govt and citizens need

As we’re all aware, e-Government is an emerging opportunity of epic proportions. Between the former USCTO Aneesh Chopra’s open data agenda, current USCTO Todd Park’s doubling down of this agenda, USCIO Steve VanRoekel’s Shared Services Strategy, and a myriad of other new initiatives calling all innovation in focused industries we will soon see rapid growth in the e-government world.

To further the quality and momentum of GOV2.0 innovation, Startup Weekend is producing one of its first ever e-Government themed events in Washington, DC, this June with an eye on going global. We are working with dozens of local and federal agencies to source valuable ideas and key problem areas in order to better direct attendees’ efforts toward high-impact innovation. We are planning workshops to dig into procurement challenges and alternative monetization strategies and are bringing in expert mentors to coach attendees towards success.

The intended outcome is serious results. But to get there, we need you. Come work with developers, designers, business experts, and others who are passionate about improving government. Refine your knowledge of how to make a difference, stop talking and start doing. In 2.5 days, you will hear pitches for much needed cutting-edge technology solutions, form a team to tackle one issue that resonates with you the most, dig into obstacles preventing e-government adoption and identify work-arounds, and literally build a viable solution over the weekend. By Sunday night, you will have a working prototype, a business plan for sustaining your app, tool, or platform, and the eyes and ears of dozens of press and expert judges (including Aneesh Chopra, Clay Johnson, and others). One winning team will earn a spot in the finalist round of Code for America’s Civic Accelerator to continue the momentum started over the weekend.

The era of e-Government is now. Government IT is a $140B industry in the U.S. alone and ripe for disruption. Budget shortfalls in governments across the world are necessitating technology solutions that can do a better job at less cost. So come out, think big, and do good.

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