Northern Territory Public Sector – More open than the rest? Could we co-design public sector agencies?

Hi Folks. A lovely Autumn day here in Canberra Australia.

OK I’m biased given the time I spent working in the Northern Territory. But, the Nothern Territory Public Sector has always been quite innovative. It all goes back the work done on the Public Service Act and sector wide leadership and management development in the early 90s.

To put that in perspective the NTPS shifted to a framework act in the early 90s whereas the APS did not until 1999. I was lucky enough to be involved in some of the work associated with that – a lot of energy and effort went into transforming leadership and management.
And how does this relate to us? The Gov 2.0 Taskforce Report, Ahead of the Game and the Innovation in the Public Sector all refer to issues with the organisational culture of APS. Many references to red tape, risk aversion and taking too long to get things done. Then there is the need to be more open and transparent.
The publication of the results of the NTPS Employee Survey online for all to see is a refreshing example of the openness needed to make Gov 2.0 work within agencies. Go take a look.
Do you know of other public sector jurisdictions and agencies that do this? Wouldn’t it be great if all agencies did the same and also enabled public servants and citizens to talk online to tease out the issues and suggest solutions? To co-design, as it were, public sector agencies?
Steve D


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