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Nothing about Iowa, only today’s political law links

ROEMER SEEKS PUBLIC FUNDS. News here. “The Federal Election Commission has only received one request for primary season matching funds, so far. It is from Buddy Roemer, who is simultaneously seeking the Republican nomination and the Americans Elect nomination.”

OBAMA AMENDING. Politico. “It adjusted downward its contribution and cash-on-hand figures by a few thousand dollars, according to a filing submitted tonight to the Federal Election Commission.”

FOREIGN NATIONAL GIVING. Here‘s an editorial in support. “The reasoning of Citizens United applies with even greater force to noncitizens who lawfully reside in the United States.”

NEW SUPER PAC. Story here. “The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has registered a super-PAC, federal election commission filings show.”

SUPER PACS: DANGEROUS? Ruth Marcus writes here. “Absent legislative intervention (unlikely) or regulatory action (even less likely), the super PAC is a dangerous new force in American politics.”

DURKEE ADVICE LETTERS. The CA Fair Political Practices Commission has collected its advice letters involving Durkee & Associates here.

COLBERT FEATURE. The Times. “The new Colbert has crossed the line that separates a TV stunt from reality and a parody from what is being parodied.”

GUILTY PLEA EXPECTED IN LOBBYIST CASE. The Times. “Richard J. Lipsky, a prominent New York lobbyist who was charged in the bribery conspiracy case that also ensnared State Senator Carl Kruger, is expected to plead guilty on Wednesday in Federal District Court in Manhattan, a person briefed on the matter said Tuesday.”

BEFORE NY PUBLIC FINANCING. Editorial here. “The people’s hard-earned money must not be exposed to this risk until lawmakers clean up their act and earn back trust.”

MD’S TOP LOBBYIST IS… Story here. “Gerard E. Evans has regained the top spot among Maryland lobbyists a decade after serving a prison term for fraudulent practices.”

LAWSUIT DROPPED. Story here. “Colorado Ethics Watch has dropped a lawsuit challenging Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s authority to change the campaign finance reporting schedule.”


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