Last night, as I hardened my resolve to not eat any more home-made chocolate chip cookies, I talked to Barrow about the weather up there. I asked Guam about that Marine Reserve, I collaborated and commiserated with SF about 2.0 implementation schemes and thanked North Carolina for some great insight.

Then I found myself watching again the President-elects’ address from Saturday. While I watched, my daughter came down for a glass of water. She watched for a short while with me and said, “Will Barack Obama make things better Dad?” And she had me.

I told her, “He is the man that makes us believe we can make things better. He is just one man. But his power gives us power. His hope gives us hope. And his love shows. He is a leader.”

And as she headed upstairs I realized: My daughter (8 yrs.) knows things are not well with America. We don’t have TV. We listen to a lot of radio and the internet. She goes to school. That’s what she has learned in her 8 years. Things are not well with America.

A professor of mine had a pet saying: “An ounce of action is worth a pound of theory.” What action are you taking now?

My first action is to not eat my daughter’s chocolate chip cookies. She’ll need them in the future.

Let’s get this Party started

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