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First Impressions of New OMB Guidance on Web Measurement

I was overseas when the guidelines on the use of web analytics and measurement on Federal government web site was published on June 25 and then spent a few days tromping in the woods with my son, so I haven’t had a lot of time to digest the OMB’s final memos. Yet after reading throughRead… Read more »

Share Your Cookies!

(This article is cross-posted from the IBM Center for the Business of Government Blog) I’ve written before that we don’t pay enough attention to privacy. There’s a lot of information about us all over the digital landscape, and powerful new aggregators are doing a brisk business by bringing all of that information together. Further, marketRead… Read more »

Persistent Cookies for Government: Making Sites Citizen Friendly

On Friday, June 25, the White House Office of Management and the Budget changed the rules for federal Internet sites. Memorandum m-10-22 “establishes new procedures and provides updated guidance and requirements for agency use of Web measurement and customization technologies.” In issuing the new guidelines, OMB Director Peter Orzag wrote, “The central goal is toRead… Read more »


Last night, as I hardened my resolve to not eat any more home-made chocolate chip cookies, I talked to Barrow about the weather up there. I asked Guam about that Marine Reserve, I collaborated and commiserated with SF about 2.0 implementation schemes and thanked North Carolina for some great insight. Then I found myself watchingRead… Read more »