“Older” Job Seekers are Nabbing the Jobs!

Did you know according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the first quarter of 2012 shows that 788,000 people over 55 (67%) nabbed the jobs … compared to 385,000 new jobs for younger workers?

Welcome news for older adults, but it could be they are taking jobs “beneath” their skill level and pay grade just to work.

I get a lot of clients who are concerned about job searching “at their age” in this job market. I tell them not to be overly concerned, but rather, use thier maturity to their advantage. There are many strategies for doing just that and some of them obviously depend on the client.

One of my favorite strategies is to get mature clients mentoring and collaborating WITH younger workers, then demonstrate results in the marketing materials. If they need a push on where to get started, I, of course, tell them to get on GovLoop and start searching and participating! <smile> I tell my younger job seekers to find a mature mentor as well. Learning between generations is a beautiul thing.

…and still not bad numbers for new jobs for younger workers!

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