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Baby Boomers, Retirement, and Teleworking

I just wanted to chime in regarding the Federal retirement claims dropping by 57% from January 2012 to December 2012. Times ARE changing! I enjoy studying generations and several years ago predictions about the Baby Boomer generation was “all the rage.” Now the time has come and I find what is taking place fascinating. However,Read… Read more »

No Medical Degree Required for these 5 Hot Careers!

“It’s no secret that careers in health care are booming. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor expects the health care and social assistance industry to add 5.6 million jobs from 2010 to 2020 – more than any other field.” The U.S. Department of Labor projects 68,000 new medical and health services manager jobs toRead… Read more »

Job Seekers: Get this *FREE* through Monday – eBook Helps Job Hunters During the Holidays (Only 99 cents after Monday)

“What Color Is Your Parachute?” author Richard N. (Dick) Bolles and 26 other Job-Hunt Experts contributed over 100 tips to help job seekers leverage the year-end holidays for their job hunt in an ebook that will be FREE from Thanksgiving Day through midnight on Monday, November 26. Job hunters who are tempted to take aRead… Read more »

Jobs with High Lifetime Earnings

Would you choose a career that you did not really love over one you were deeply passionate about and still earned a good living? If you had to pick one job that would ensure you earned the most money possible in your lifetime, which one would you choose? What are your thoughts on this article?Read… Read more »

Supercharge Your Job Search–Free Tips from Experts

Career Director International’s exciting viral marketing and publishing campaign produces the ultimate guide for job seekers from the career industry’s top expert professionals…and it is FREE! You can get the content one tip at a time on Twitter – or search: #cdisst The free e-book with all the tips will be available in November.Read… Read more »

“Older” Job Seekers are Nabbing the Jobs!

Did you know according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the first quarter of 2012 shows that 788,000 people over 55 (67%) nabbed the jobs … compared to 385,000 new jobs for younger workers? Welcome news for older adults, but it could be they are taking jobs “beneath” their skill level and pay grade justRead… Read more »

The Perfect Reason to Hire a Proofreader

Recently, I was speaking with a new client who had just spent 43 hours writing her federal résumé and SES narratives. She said after that long she felt like she was writing the same thing over and over, knew there were typos and grammar errors, and just could not fathom reading them for at leastRead… Read more »

The Best Reason NOT to Lie on Your Résumé–You Will Eventually Get Caught!

After reading this article, I just have to ask… why did he lie? He did not need to lie. He has an accounting degree and NOT having a Bachelor’s degree in computer science does not seem that it would be a deal breaker based on his track record. It is very sad to see thisRead… Read more »

The Future of Mobile [Slide Deck] – Do you have a “mobile” networking résumé?

The growth rate of mobile is staggering. It took AOL 9 years to get to 1 million users. It took Facebook 9 months. It took Draw Something 9 days. Global Internet users will double over the next few years—and most will be mobile…and the dumb-phone conversion to smartphone has only just begun. Check out thisRead… Read more »

Do you need a “TempGig” until you land a Federal job? How about working at the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, I think I just coined a new GovLoop term–TempGig. You would have to go to London, however. It looks like they are hiring for everything from IT professionals, translators, chefs, to drivers. Could be a fun gig though! Here is a snapshot of top Olympics salaries: Job Title Olympics Salary National Average % DifferenceRead… Read more »