Open Government Links of the Week – September 9, 2011

Local Government Guidelines for Working with the Media During an Energy Emergency

  • “This document provides strategies that local governments can use for communicating effectively with the media, and for cultivating relationships with both the media and the public during energy-related emergencies.”

Code for America Announces Winners

Citizen-Sourced Redistricting Efforts Are Reaching the Finish Line

Look at Cook sets a high bar for open government data visualizations

  • Open source tools and a focus on user experience elevate Cook County’s “Look at Cook” data website.

The O’Reilly Radar Visualization of the Week: Mapping U.S. Job Losses

A similar version of this was originally posted at the IT company that I work for’s product blog (Disclosure: the product deals w/ transparency, gov’t, & technology and our company works with government in multiple ways to help them with gov 2.0 and related technologies)

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