“Our Hopes and Dreams are Bound Together”

And Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of one of those Dreams, many years ago – a dream of the day when all peoples of the Earth would be “free” at last. In the wake of the recent tragedy in Arizona – our President spoke eloquently of a similar dream for our Nation – that we should all use this fear, sadness, despair, grieving to remember that “…our hopes and dreams are bound together…” as a nation, as people. “…We can be better…” and we can certainly Do better. It is a falsehood to think that our acts do not affect anyone else on this planet – even when we do not see it – for we are all part of a great chain of human actions, beliefs, and dreams, that stretches across our great Nation and around the World. We can choose to do nothing, we can choose to use this event to perpetuate “evil”, or we can choose to use this time to remind ourselves of what is really important and to participate in spreading “good” ever more, contributing to the cause of making us all free – from our own human scorn, from tyranny, from repression, from the chains of all that is base and evil.

I have not always agreed with our current President and his policies, but I really feel that he did an excellent job of exemplifying true Leadership and a speech worthy of Presidential acclaim at the Tuscon Memorial service. If you haven’t seen it, take a break today and watch it or read it, and honor the lives of the fallen, this MLK Day.

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