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MLK Day: Has the “Dream” Been Realized?

As Americans pause to honor the courageous life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. we should ask ourselves a profound question: Has the vision articulated by Dr. King in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech become a reality in 21st century America? According to a Presidential Proclamation issued by the White House:Read… Read more »

Aetna Helps MLK’s Dream Blossom

I don’t know about all of you, but i’m pretty sad that The Cherry Blossom Festival is over here in DC. Every spring the city comes alive at the site of the first blossoms of the District’s historic cherry trees. The National Mall is filled with even more beauty than usual during this 3 weekRead… Read more »

King inspiration

As the EEO Officer for the NC Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources, I often work to promote diversity, foster mediation and coordinate discrmination cases, which can keep me busy since we have about 4,000 employees. Yet, this past weekend I was reminded in a powerful way to keep working with a skip in myRead… Read more »

Rosa Parks on DR. KING as a ROLE MODEL

In her book, Quiet Strength: The Faith, the Hope, and the Heart of a Woman Who Changed a Nation by Rosa Parks, she shared several examples of people who served as role models. One was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She recalled his influence in these words… “Martin Luther King Jr. set a profound exampleRead… Read more »

RFK and U2 on MLK

Robert F. Kennedy’s eloquent statement on the night of Rev. Dr. King’s assassination: Just two months later, he was gunned down during a celebration following his victory in the California primary, June 5, 1968. Full Text found here. One of my favorite U2 songs combined with a nice MLK montage: Favorite