Political law moves and news in these links for today

POLITICAL LAW BIZ. Allen & Overy is launching a new political law practice in Washington. The firm’s release is here. Jason Abel is leaving his spot as Chief Counsel of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration this week to join the firm.

A DECADE OF FORMS AMENDED. Story here. “[Rep.] Akin released a document Monday indicating he is amending his personal financial disclosure reports for 2001 through 2010 to show his stake in property owned by family partnerships in the St. Louis and Cape Cod, Mass., areas.” Roll Call’s report is here.

MICHELE: THE MOVIE. Politico. “Conservative organization Citizens United will hit Iowa airwaves next week with advertisements touting its film about Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who’s already sitting toward the top of most polls in the first-caucus state.”

RAISING THE RENT (ON YOURSELF). Story here. “After he left office in January, former U.S. Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski’s campaign committee started spending its leftover money on sharply higher rent for office space plus twice the rent to store records, both at a Wilkes-Barre building he and his brother co-own, his campaign finance reports show.”

PRIMARY CALENDAR ANXIETY. The Times. “The 2012 presidential race is the first to fall under new rules from the Republican National Committee, which had intended the contests to start in February, a month later than in 2008. But at least a half dozen states are threatening to defy the rules and move up their primaries.”

WALL STREET AND THE REELECT. The Post. “About a third of the money his top fundraisers have brought in this year has come from the financial sector, suggesting that strained relations with Wall Street have not hurt the president’s ability to attract donations there for his reelection campaign, according to data released Friday by the Center for Responsive Politics.”

LOBBYISTS AND THE DEBT. The Post. “Advocacy groups that have spent months anticipating exactly the stalemate Washington has now reached are working to apply pressure to nudge political leaders engaged in talks on raising the nation’s debt ceiling. But with the state of play changing by the moment, advocates are able to offer only the broadest of thoughts about how to proceed.”

WHO’S WINNING SOCIAL MEDIA WAR? The Hill. “Republicans may have pulled ahead of Democrats in the race to dominate the social media landscape, according to a Congressional Management Foundation report released Tuesday.”

WU’S OPTIONS. Roll Call. “While Wu kept mum, Pelosi (D-Calif.) wrote to the House Ethics Committee to request that it examine the allegations against him.”

OCE ACTIVITY. The Office of Congressional Ethics’ Second Quarterly Report for 2011 is online here.

NJ SUIT. Gov. Christie released records in response to a lawsuit. Story here.

COOK COUNTY LOBBYIST SPENDING. $1 million. Story here.


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