Politics and technology reporter Kim Hart on the telecom battles in Washington this year.

Thought GovLoop fans might be interested in this TechView interview I did with Kim Hart recently back. Kim used to cover technology and government for the Washington Post, but has recently moved over to cover technology and Washington for The Hill a D.C.-based newspaper (with on-line updates) that covers politics. She gives you a sense of some of the telecom battles that are looming for 2010:

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Christopher Parente

Don — thanks for the interview. A few years back the Post had Kim covering business stories in Loudoun county — sounds like much better spot for her.

Broadband is a fascinating topic, and connected to that issue but distinct is how to regulate communications in general. The entire regulatory framework for telco today is based on circuit-switched communications. Moving to all IP networks destroys that framework — as Genachowski has said himself, “bits are bits.” All voice calls will be VoIP, and there will be no distinction between voice and data. How the FCC rewrites the rules of telco will be as important as the broadband decisions they make.

Hope you ask Kim about this next interview!